Hi this is Justin James, CEO of THE HYPNOSIS COMPANY as a professional performing artist, Hypnosis Instructor, Trainer and Stage Hypnosis Industry Advocate for safety on stage I was tasked with a challenging issue. Promote the industry while reducing claims liability from poorly trained performers.

As many know there was recently a push by a couple of organizations who wanted to charge upwards of 295.00 to take a safety training program, a program that should have been part of the basic training offered to all hypnotists.  In collusion with at that time the only insurance agency who was willing to insure Stage Hypnotists they forced this program as a must for policy holders many who have worked for years with no claims. So instead of paying 200.00 a year for a insurance policy, we as an industry were told we now need to pay 295.00 plus the 200.00 plus any costs incurred to maintain insurance. So now our rate depending on travel requirements now jumped suddenly to 1000.00 plus just to have insurance and for those of us who are full time artists we suddenly found ourselves handicapped by one Hypnotist who decided to make a profit on all of us and set herself up as the industry gatekeeper. On top of that to add insult to injury she was and is a direct competitor to many in the industry. 

A public outcry occurred and many people wrote and called in to the agency stating not only displeasure at the action they had taken however offered suggestions to solve what they thought was a terrible injustice.

Stage Hypnotists as a group agreed that something needed to be done to offer additional training to performers so that they could operate safely.

They also agreed as a group that getting forced to pay 295.00 for something that should have been taught in the classroom was inappropriate at best. As a group they felt that the insurance agency get underwriter approval and develop a safety course that protected the industry.

Instead the agency wrote a list of draconian rules that would not only limit an artists ability to perform, however in some cases increase liability.


Somehow or another I ended up leading the charge to fix this terrible situation partly because I needed to have liability insurance and I could not perform wondering whether or not I was covered.

Well as many of us have done in the past I called several insurers and they hung up on me however I got through to the VP of HRH the 3th largest insurance brokerage in the world and ended up in a direct discussion with the underwriters. The underwriters wanted a safety program and they thought I would be perfect for it. However I did not want to recreate what we were attempting to avoid. So I recruited the first ever Stage Safety Advisory Board.

The Board Has Seven Members with over 160 years of experience combined all who are not only Hypnosis Instructors however 5 are highly accomplished Stage Hypnotists all are associated with professional Hypnosis Schools  2 have taught Hypnosis at the college level one is the author of over 15 hypnosis books. One wrote the first book on Stage safety.

The Board is as follows

Justin James, Lee Darrow, Tom Silver, Richard Nongard, Katherine Zimmerman, Chuck Milligan, & Sean Michael Andrews.

Combined these professionals and myself are creating an online safety course to assist our industry in its growth and maintain liability losses to a minimum.

All of these professionals have donated their time at no charge and are working for the benefit of the community at large. Please visit the advisors pages to contact any of them or learn more about them.