To Obtain Insurance

 you must take the online Safety Course first & take an online test.

The class & test are free to take.

Once you have received your certificate please call

N.A.M.E.  at 215-658-1315.

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N.A.M.E / SAFE ON STAGE Specialty Insurance                  
Safety Course Free Safety course costs $100.00 to $300.00
Course developed by 7 professional
Stage hypnotists / educators
Developed by one individual
Only Group Stage Hypnotist Policy in America Clown policy Stage hypnotists allowed
Cost $300.00 + $50.00 processing fee cost $200.00 + cost of class
Individual liability limit
$2,000,000 Aggregate Limits can not be consumed by others
Shared liability limit
$3,000,000 / $4,000,000 Group Aggregate program may be exhausted by other claims
Up to $15,000 scheduled equipment coverage No equipment coverage
$60 dollars per Non Hypnotist employee $200 per additional employee covered only during show
?? Safety course ??
AM Best: A rated carrier. ??????????
Policy forwarded upon request. You do not receive a copy of the policy.
Blanket additional insured status for venues is automatically included
  Additional insured certificate is free, you must call to obtain.
Standard business insurance policy.
Covers you on location and in your office for general liability exposure.
Covers you only while performing.
Can add additional coverage's NO additional coverage available
Effective date of policy start can be any day of the year (coverage expires first day of same month the following year). You must buy insurance on April 25th or you lose time on the policy
(buy in August and you still pay full premium)

The choice is clear if you want to protect yourself and the venues that you serve, having quality insurance is vital.

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We do not receive any compensation if you insure through the N.A.M.E. program. Please visit our advisors for training supplies and material.